Trust Fall

MEA weekend is a wonderful long weekend that Minnesotans in the education world look forward to. This year, it also marked the end of my job. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive, and was so looking forward to a long weekend with nothing on my mind.

And then I woke up.

The very next morning, I had a job offer in my inbox. Which, don’t get me wrong, is great…but I was really hoping to have some days where I didn’t have to think about a job and weigh pros and cons.

Hiking is, however, a great activity to do while thinking serious thoughts.

And Joe finds the best spots.

Hello up there! Henry and I were going at a little slower pace, talking about engines, so it was fun when we got to switchbacks and could see Joe and Charlie up above us.

We liked the stone steps, too

Up at the top!

An old shelter house built by CCC workers back in the day.

We had lunch in Lacrosse at a favorite spot of ours, and then headed to our lodging for the night in La Farge, Wisconsin.

It’s a cool old farm! Here’s the house

The farm cats were very friendly and curious. They leaped into any open door they saw, even if it was a trunk.

Or a car.

Why, they even leaped on top of Joe’s shoulders!

The farm animals were fun to observe

I was a pretty big fan of the donkey

There were even sheep!

There were trails and nooks and crannies all over the property, and it was so fun to explore. Henry and I found a good sittin’ spot.

Joe and Henry did some swing time

while Charlie and I took a hike up the hill to a fantastic viewing platform

Panorama capture of the view:


The next morning, I headed up the hill to do some sunrise yoga, and Henry snuggled up on the couch to read one of his finds from the bookstore in Viroqua the day before.

It was COLD, but very beautiful with the frost everywhere.

A dog friend came and joined me.

Back at the house, the cats were scrambling for breakfast.

A loaf of fresh-baked muffins, bread, and fresh eggs were brought over from the main house. Truly a delight. We’d been instructed to give leftovers to the animals, so that was a great diversion for us! One of the goats had gotten out of the pen, and he kept trying to climb on top of Joe.

For a mid-morning warm-up, we hit Wonder State Coffee on our way back through Viroqua.

Our next destination was Des Moines, but we went by way of Yellow River State Forest.

I was verrry uncomfortable with the narrow dirt road up the hill. Our car isn’t exactly built for…terrain. But the trees were an amazing yellow, and it was great to stretch our legs for awhile.

The reason for our visit was to celebrate Julia’s marriage!

On a cold weekend, the sun really came out for the event

While it was a very short visit, it was definitely a sweet one!

Details are still getting worked out on the job front, but I did end up accepting the position. So, as long as bureaucracy all works itself out accordingly, I expect to be teaching at a school in Uptown very soon. In the meantime, I’m trying to take it easy and enjoy some slow, uneventful days!

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