Well, it finally happened. Henry caught the omicron variant last week. We were planning a family cabin trip last weekend, so we all took tests. Certainly were not expecting the results! He was very upset, poor guy. We only had 3 tests at home, so Joe got a rapid one the next day, and turned out he was positive, too. I made it through the weekend in the clear, but then tested positive on Monday.

Charlie’s managed to stay negative so far, and we’re all pretty much asymptomatic (although things definitely smell wrong to me right now). So those vaccines are working hard for us! Very thankful.

It’s a bummer to be quarantined for real again, but honestly, the timing was good. Our school district has been scrambling for staff with so many people out, so they sent the kids home to e-learn for two weeks. That means that instead of us all being home with nothing to do, we continue being part of our schools as much as we would have if we didn’t have covid.

We’re also big fans of outdoor outings, so we’re not exactly staying down in the dumps.

Here we’re exploring some frozen marshlands at Lake Elmo.

I’ve also been feeling very crafty while home, which has helped immensely. I’m hoping that hanging these letters in my classroom will help students remember my name. I don’t love getting called “Mrs. …Teacher?”

It’s been mostly cold, but Wednesday was amazing. The temps made for the best packable snow ever. Henry and I used it to make snow walls to destroy.

Charlie used it to make snow-fetti!

The sunshine felt amazing.

We’ve had indoor good times as well. I’ve done a lot of crossword-puzzling with Charlie, which is a delight, and a cookie-baking session on Monday helped raise our spirits.

Nothing better than fresh-baked cookies while imagining other worlds.

With all of us being on computers nearly the whole school day, the moments when we’re not feel super precious. It’s led to lots of silly things like Gaga Ball in the basement and doing Turbo Jam workouts as a family. The best, though, is when Henry says, “Do you want to play a _________ game?” which just means doing a dramatic role-play using a particular world as a setting. Yesterday, he pretended to be a delivery driver bringing me boxes of clay at school. We used my hand weights to act out bringing in the heavy boxes. For the second shipment, we decided balloons might be better cargo.

Here’s another get-up he concocted last night. Gotta love the commitment to a part.

See you folks on the other side of quarantine!