Door Explore

Last week was spring break for us, and it was lovely to get away and take the time to relax.

We drove up to Sister Bay, Wisconsin, which is in Door County. Since it was the off-season, we were lucky enough to have a spot right next to the lake.

It was crazy foggy when we arrived, so it was like living in a cloud, but Tuesday afternoon the fog cleared, so we hopped out onto the balcony to enjoy the view

…and to dive into a good Lego encyclopedia.

Our first excursion beyond Sister Bay itself was to Cana Island. There’s a lighthouse on the island, and while driving around the area happened upon the causeway that leads to the island itself. So we hopped on over.

The lighthouse was cool, but we were really drawn by the beach

So many good stones to throw

Wednesday, we took the ferry to Washington Island. The strait in between the peninsula and the island is called Death’s Door, and riding through icy waters in thick fog and wind, I can attest that the name would have been fitting for those in early sailing vessels.

Henry loved the rocking of the ferry

The ferry runs year round, so they had two heated passenger cabins, which was very nice.

Most everything on the island was closed, but we managed to find enough food and enjoyed exploring areas whether they were “open” or not.

Schoolhouse Beach

Percy Johnson Beach. Joe experimented with walking about the ice floes, which the boys found entertaining.

The Jacobsen Museum was closed, but their outdoor stuff, like the remains of this shipwreck, was open for anyone to check out.

Right before we hopped on the ferry back, we stopped in somewhere to see if we could find food. We did, but we also found Zoe, a sweet dog who spends her day hanging out at the bar. Literally.

Back in Sister Bay, the main building in the complex we stayed at had a pool/hot tub combo. We made full use of both!

One of the highlights of the trip for me was our hike in Peninsula State Park. We started with a great view from the lookout tower.

It was an accessible tower, which meant it had this amazing long ramp option to get to the top. Big fan! It was fun to climb the steep stairs, but Henry adores a good long ramp. He wanted to go back up and do it again.

The terrain and views on the hike that followed was super cool

The rocks were beautiful and had these fun hidey-holes

The boys helped me find good birch bark to bring home for weaving, so it was like a scavenger hunt with the built-in obstacle course of water, rocks and roots to navigate.

When we found the end of the trail, the boys were pooped, so Joe went to retrieve the car for us. Wisconsin State Parks have these built-in selfie stands for you to prop your phone on, so we took the opportunity to do some posing.

We had a truly enjoyable dinner after that at the Door County Brewing Co. after that, and then stopped in to play some mini golf.

It was closed for the season, but that didn’t stop us from doing a round. Here’s Joe gathering up some golf balls for us.

I found a stick that served as an okay putter.

This is the complication and joy of off-season vacationing. No one’s there, but because of that, you have everywhere to yourself!

The big downside to off-season was the lack of good food, so as we headed out of town on Friday, we sought out this smoothie place to nourish us on our 7-hour journey back home.

I’m glad to have had the weekend home before heading back to school. Now we’re all rested and ready to get back to reality…er, as ready as we’ll ever be.

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