Easter was so sweet this year, with the boys’ cousins finally old enough to hunt for eggs and with their brand new cousins just about to make their debuts.

The new fire pit area even got some use, because spring is simply taking forEVer to get here.

Found em!

Henry never passes up an opportunity to swing

He started a trend!

So sweet!

The next day, after a long time of consideration and conversation with my coworkers, my mentor and Joe, I finally let my building administration know that I would be leaving at the end of the quarter. I struggled coming to terms with not finishing the year, but as soon as I made the decision official, I felt an instant joy and relief.

My incredible team was supportive and even got a cake for my last day.

They’re very silly 🙂

This choice has made me so happy! It’s not fun to come to terms with the career you chose being a bad fit, but every day is a new day. Wishing them away so you can stop feeling deep dread and anxiety for a while is not a good way to live.

Now I get to walk my son to school every morning and spend one-on-one time hearing what’s on his mind. (He’s the little black figure in the lower right. Not a great shot, but it was the first day I got to walk him, and after staring my return journey, I felt so grateful and happy that I just grabbed a pic to remember the moment).

I have the emotional energy and mental capacity to draw with Henry when he asks. We designed our own Minecraft characters the other day.

The timing also was pretty excellent, because both of Joe’s sisters went into labor my first day of not working!

We were able to provide some nice walks and play time to help the older siblings relax a bit. After basically growing up in quarantine, having their parents suddenly disappear for days was pretty tough to deal with.

In a combo effort of organizing what’s gotten away from me and self-reflection, I’ve been methodically going through our house and cleaning, sorting, and purging. Naturally, a bit of rearranging goes along with that. The biggest change so far was ditching the Lego table!

The new setup is a work-in-progress still, but now we have a seating arrangement that makes sense! I’ll show the full arrangement one day when it’s more set, but here’s a sneak preview. I took this picture after Joe brushed the boys’ hair with his new hairbrush. They ended up with some…interesting hairdos.

Henry’s been taking some classes at MITY (Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth), which has gotten us out and about earlier on Saturdays than we normally do. We ended up at Day-By-Day Cafe this past weekend after his classes. You gotta love a place that allows you to build jelly-cream towers!

I was able to meet the new babies, both boys, during the week, but Joe, Charlie and Henry got to meet them for the first time on Sunday.

Adorable Archie

Lovable Leo

Life is very good.

One Reply to “Fresh”

  1. Congratulations auntie! And honestly, so happy for you to keep making choices that are right for you. You’ll be in the right place when you need to be.

    Love love love to all of you!


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