I love the changing of seasons. It excites me while simultaneously bringing my awareness to the evanescence of life. Gotta appreciate what you enjoy while it’s happening. For me, right now, that’s blossoming trees. Trees. Covered with flowers. Is that not something right out of a fantasy? They last for such a short time, but they are amazing. We are lucky that our neighborhood is filled with these gems, so this time of year is magical for walks and bike rides.

This is Henry’s bus stop. They did some great runway walks down the Pink Carpet the other day.

We’ve had a lot going on of late, including a combined picnic/party for both the boys’ schools. Can you spot Henry in the Gaga Ball Pit? Hint: he’s wearing purple and is on the move.

Charlie covered every inch of the place.

This past weekend, we packed up and headed to Whitewater State Park in SE Minnesota. Henry was at the exhausting, nose-running stage of a cold, but was still the first one up both mornings.

The rest of us were pretty content to stay snuggled up until the temperatures crept up a bit higher.

Joe and Henry scoped things out right away, while Charlie and I did some reading by the fire. Henry was excited when we finally joined them.

We pushed their limits with our all together hike, but it was beautiful and well worth it.

There were a couple of places where you could choose which way to go around an obstacle. In this instance, Joe and Henry chose the…steep and rocky way.

Charlie and I preferred stair-stepping roots.

There were a lot of ledges with nice views, and Joe didn’t miss very many of them.

Where is he?!

Henry needed to get out there, too.

Peeking through the trees at me!

Joe and I each took separate walks exploring the park while the other chilled at the campsite with the boys. My walk took me to Inspiration Point.

Also to Chimney Rock

Our campsite was a cart-in site, so we were nicely isolated. On the path to our site was this tree. Charlie thought it looked like there was a sloth wrapped around the trunk.

There they are!

Water trickling past to the nearby river made for delightful sleeping noises.

On our drive home, we stopped at Carley State Park for the obvious reason. It was small, but quite charming.

Back home, Blue did some really good snuggling with Henry to help his cold feel better.

Last night, Charlie had his first cello performance, and it was a doozy! Every fifth-grader at his school was onstage at Northrup Auditorium at the University of Minnesota.

He was in the back row, so hard to see, but you can just see his head poking up in about the middle of the photo below.

He did great, and said that with the lighting, he felt like he was playing to an empty room with an applause track playing in between songs 🙂

So proud!

The same day, Henry had Field Day, and it was some high energy sillies. He’s been training for this event for years.

Massive version of the egg-on-a-spoon race

Doing the squiggle scooter relay at the same time his teacher braved it!

The kid favorite is always the relay race where they have to wear their gym teacher’s clothes while running. By the end they’d added their own twist where two of them would wear the same articles of clothing at the same time, making it something like a three-legged-race.

So yeah, things are going swimmingly around here! It’s a great day to have a great day.

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