Much Needed Time

I know it’s been awhile, but don’t worry. I’ll catch you up on the highlights of our summer so far. The boys have only been on summer break for a little over a month now, since the school year was extended to June 24. So, we’ve been savoring our precious free time.

Here they are on their last day! Last day at Hale Elementary for Henry and last day at Field Elementary for Charlie.

We’ve seen several movies in theaters, including The Bad Guys, Minions: Rise of Gru, and the first Harry Potter movie.

You know we enjoy a good walk. This is the Woodlake Nature Center.

My cousin got married in Pella, so we had a nice Iowa weekend in early July.

The crew

Weddings are not exactly known for being fun for kids, but Bret thoroughly entertained the boys during the reception. Thanks, bro!

This is seven tons of rock. We helped with a little of the sorting, but Bret and Leslie have really outdone themselves on their yard. It’s so lovely and inspiring!

Julia has been traveling the country this summer, and we got the pleasure of her company after her first Boundary Waters adventure. She helped me take the boys on their first long bike ride, so we treated her to some pretty gardens and a dock hang at Lake Harriet.

Joe’s been very busy with his new job, but he really makes his down time count. Always more to explore!

The Novak crew all met up for a Saints game. Unfortunately, rain made the field unplayable, but we still got to hang around the stadium and watch Toy Story.

Did you hear? Henry got glasses!

After the success of our trail bike ride to Lake Harriet, we ventured the other way along the creek path and hit up Lake Nokomis. Hooray for summer!

Joe’s finally managed to fit in some time to work on the tiny house. Jake and Ryan helped with the heavy lifting and hauling.

Jim then set to work framing up Joe’s vision so they could put in more work this weekend. So exciting!

While he was doing that, I was down in southern Missouri enjoying the same peninsula I’ve visited nearly every summer of my life.

Being a kid down there is such an adventure!

I brought a puzzle this year, and it ended up being a big hit…

…with all ages!

Nothing like getting out on the water, though.

Every night, the Beckers go for a sunset cruise. We joined them when we could.

Mark had fun teasing us by hiding in the water.

So we took a photo without him to try to lure him back in!

This year we had the big lodge, which made group dinners during the 100 degree temperatures much more comfortable.

Plenty of room for all!

Henry wanted me to document the pretty painting in our bedroom.

There were also more docks built this year at Hideaway, so there were even more boats to check out.

And boy, did we.

The final sunset cruise. We’re a very serious bunch.

Per Mark’s repeated request, Henry finally came geared up with goggles and suit, so he could jump in toward the sunset. I don’t remember why, but there was a lot of laughter going on while he and Mark got set up.

And off they go!!!!

It looked like such fun that Charlie and my parents decided to go as well.

Speaking of jumps, this was the first year the kids went off the rope swing. What a milestone!

These kids are just getting so big.

What’s that Mark’s got?


It’s one of his and Grandpa’s morning catches. Here’s another.

It was a fabulous week. Swimming, boating, sunshine, and togetherness.
Who could ask for anything more?

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