After starting school, Charlie commented to Joe that he was getting less movement during the day than in the summer. It made it harder to fall asleep. The next night, while sweating in the hot, humid day, we pondered what we could do that evening to get in some activity. Swimming came up, and we all jumped at the idea!

Lake Harriet really came through for us, though Joe seems reluctant to admit it in this shot.

Oh…it was just that I asked him to directly face the sunset.

This past weekend, a dear friend from college got married, so Joe and I headed to Chicago. The first person I got to see was Rosie! We celebrated her birthday with cupcakes and dancing.

As you can see, she’s got a brand new sibling, so having a special time to celebrate just her was pretty important.

I was delighted to get to meet Alice, though!

The extended weekend was like a mini Macalester reunion, but with just friends!

Friday, Tina and I tried to meet up at a botanical garden, but the buses were making things difficult. We did our own things instead, but ended up at exactly the same place! Jane’s sister-in-law recommended I check out the Bahai House of Worship, and right as I entered, I saw Jack and Tina! The gardens and temple were stunning and such a peaceful place to be before a weekend of activity, social engagements, and logistics.

Like, for instance, how do you get six people to a wedding in a five-person car?
(Answer: I jump in the trunk!)

The ceremony was very touching, and everyone looked so beautiful!

Gotta love a photo booth

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my parents were champs and came up to stay Thurs-Sunday so the boys could do school uninterrupted and have a weekend with them. Looks like they got some haircuts while Grandpa grilled burger!

They got in Luke’s birthday party and a Saint’s game on all the same day!
These guys are pros.

After a morning and afternoon wandering the Loop together, Joe and I disappeared into our headphones on the plane. As we approached the Cities, his nose got closer and closer to the window.

It was good to get back to these guys and the shenanigans we all get into together.

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