A few weekends ago, we drove to Spring Green, Wisconsin for a delightful farm wedding. As we were going through La Crosse, Henry noticed a sign for a car museum. We had some wiggle room in terms of time, so we made a stop.

It was a great find. Look how short this de Tomaso is!

The wedding site was so lovely.

The boys and I set up our tent to sleep in that night, but without Joe’s expert guidance, since he was taking care of other things. We may not have done everything 100% correct, because when it downpoured later for hours, we no longer had a dry tent. Eep!

On the drive home the next day, we stopped in the Wisconsin Dells to experience one of their indoor water parks. It was fun, except for the slide I went down that was labeled ‘Extreme!’ My neck got angry with me and refused to move for several days after.

There was an indoor amusement park attached, and we enjoyed a nighttime Ferris wheel ride.

The following week, Joe was in NYC for work, so the boys and I did our own thing. By Friday, I was craving some grown-up company, so I hosted a bonfire for a few friends. I’m proud of my recently-acquired ability to build a fire, so it was fun to practice and have roaring success.

All I usually have to do is start the fire, though, because Henry is more than happy to keep it stoked.

We got on the topic of Harry Potter at one point, so he busted out the wizard robes I sewed for him.

It’s the first time I’ve had success sewing from a pattern, so I have kept going. By Halloween, three of us will be wearing Carlye-made Hogwarts robes.

Saturday seemed like a good day for an orchard, and I get excited about corn mazes. So we did both.

Everyone else in Minnesota ALSO showed up, so we ended up not getting any apples, because the line was too long. Still, it was great to be out enjoying a beautiful day.

Also, there were tractors, and we love tractors.

By the time Joe came back to town, the colors had really popped.

We were happy to have him back. A week’s a long time!

Something else we like is that Target now sells gingerbread-style house kits for other holidays. Here’s our Monster Motel!

This past week included both snow AND 80-degrees. The fluctuation is a bit hard to keep up with, but I certainly took advantage of that last blast of heat for the year.

Even on the cold days, I have my heated yoga studio to warm up in. This week I showed up for my 500th in person class there.

Yesterday, there was a Harvest Party at the Y-Camp the boys go to in the summer. It was fun to see the place they go. Henry did so much archery that his arms started shaking.

They both got to try something new.

Henry got to try the climbing wall

Charlie got to zipline off the top of the tower over the lake.

Hooray for fall!!!

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