What’s New?

How wonderful it is to see a place you know well with someone new.

Bringing Grandpa Jim to the Zoo was like seeing it for the first time. He took time to read all of the signs and placards that I’ve long since stopped even noticing. It was quite refreshing!

It was also just good fun!

We went somewhere new ourselves over MEA (Fall Break). In a last minute spontaneous decision, we ended up at a resort hotel on Gull Lake–just north of Brainerd.

There was an indoor pool, don’t worry. We weren’t swimming in the lake in October. Although the weather was gorgeous.

A nearby resort had a huge lawn of games.

We enjoyed multiple games of soccer pool.

Joe got a little acrobatic

We found a beautiful spot on a peninsula and just basked in the sun for awhile, Charlie and I on a porch-style swing, and these guys down by the water.

The resort had several styles of water craft to try out.

Did I mention the weather was wonderful?

There is nothing like watching the sun slowly rise over an expanse of water.

On our drive back home, we stopped by the area Joe grew up going to, when his parents’ cabin was there.

We also checked out Mille Lacs Kathio State Park to climb the old fire tower and take a walk in the woods.

The view! The darker blue bit on the horizon is Lake Mille Lacs

We took a group selfie at the top of the tower before another kind tourist offered to take a photo for us.

The weekend of Halloween, we finally made it to the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular at the Zoo.

My little Hogwarts students! The robes were my first attempts to sew from a pattern since the days when I was making cloth diaper covers. I think they turned out quite well.

The light made photos hard, but this appropriately captures the energy and mood of our adventure. It was so cool!

It started with lone jack-o-lanterns on pedestals, then expanded upwards into the trees.

The carvings and lights got more intricate, and there were different themes for each stretch of the walk.

Before you knew it, you were wandering through a sea of lit pumpkins.

Sarah and I wanted to get some use out of our costumes, so we met up on Saturday. I dressed up as Luna Lovegood with a blonde wig and Ravenclaw Hogwarts robes, but…the effect was more Lucius Malfoy.

Jake asked if I was Hogwarts Daenerys. So for trick-or-treating, I ditched the wig and the accessories (that the wig hid anyway). I should have made myself a Hufflepuff robe after all, but oh well. I do think blue is prettier than yellow.

Joe always gets left out of the Halloween and trick-or-treating photos, since he documents us in our costumes, but he’s always there!

Hope you had a happy Halloween!

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