Play Time

I’ve been feeling like a kid these days.

I’m reading like 9 books already, but that doesn’t stop me from continuing to open new ones. There’s so much to read! So much to learn! So many stories to experience!

I also did an online sketching retreat last week, which has made me want to always. be. drawing. I learned some new techniques…

…practiced some old ones…

…and even got brave enough to try digital art. I’ve been pretty resistant to involving technology in my art, but I’m trying hard to be open to new things and not to let fear get in the way of my choices. So I downloaded the app and bought myself a stylus. It’s been a great experience! Not because it’s going well in terms of results, but because it’s good to be a beginner. It’s frustrating and satisfying and challenging all at the same time. One day maybe I’ll show you something I make digitally.

Friday, I was happy to facilitate some non-digital art at Henry’s school. I ran the Make-Your-Own-Comic table at their Readathon Celebration, and it was a lot of fun. Henry and his pals were comic-making machines!

Right after that, I headed over to Wisconsin to meet up with friends.

We rented a cabin for a long weekend, where 20 of us spent the days eating, laughing, eating, singing, and eating. Here’s Zac’s amazing ‘Lebanese Dream’ spread he made for us for dinner.

The hit of the weekend was the player piano. It was like doing old-timey karaoke. Jon has actual piano skills, so when there wasn’t a scroll for the song we wanted to sing, he would look up the chords and play it on the fly so we could keep belting out tunes.

The boys spent the weekend with the Novaks, where Blue apparently got a lot of attention.

Henry can’t believe Blue would make that move!

We headed right to Family Dinner on our way home, which was the perfect way to get back into real life.

Charlie taught Archie how to play Legos baby-style.

Nothing like lounging with cousins.

This week we finally got snow. It threw me for a loop Monday morning, because I hadn’t wrangled our gear yet. But we made it happen. Henry has come home the last two days, dropped off his backpack and headed right back out into the snow.

It was great packing snow on Tuesday, and yesterday it was good for making snow-splosions

There was a half hour til my dinner would be done baking, so we headed to the park. Here I am crouched behind my snow wall while I stockpiled snowballs for our fight. It got dark really quickly between these two photos! I even increased the brightness on the one below. But they were both taken around 4:30. I guess that’s when it starts getting dark these days.

All the more reason to keep lightness in your mood. Happy Thursday!

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