Twin Cities Love

The Monday after we got back from Maine, we had a very special Family Dinner, with Grandma Helen in attendance and Ellie joining us all the way from Cape Cod.

Henry had lots of information to share with Grandma.

Ellie took some lovely photos of the crew!

Henry kept going back in for more Helen hugs ❤

Ellie gave us a delightful kids cookbook, which kick-started the boys’ dive back into cooking. I go through phases where I remember they love to cook and make time and space for it. So this was a perfect whack over the head for me.

They cooked three nights in a row

Okay, so this was more like…baking…but you just don’t say no to kids wanting to make you cupcakes with Reese’s in them. You just don’t.

Discovery of the month was the Riverview Theater’s children’s movie matinees. It’s an amazing old-style (and just generally old…but in great shape) theater. It was Henry’s first time seeing a new movie in a theater! We saw The Croods: A New Age, which was actually really fun. Nick Cage does the voice for the caveman father, and Cloris Leachman is the feisty grandma.

Ready for the show!

The weekend of the Fourth, the boys spent in Wisconsin with Grandma and Grandpa. I drove them up there, and Henry had a tough time saying goodbye when I tried to leave. We realized it’s the first weekend we’ve spent apart in…????

But I did make my way back to the Cities, and Joe surprised me with a night’s stay in an old Summit Ave Mansion, enjoying the Cathedral Hill neighborhood, even taking a swim at the University Club, or as their signage says: Vniversity Clvb.

We hosted a party for the Fourth, and then got to have lunch on Monday with my dad, who drove all the way from Pella, Iowa to deliver us new furniture! What a guy!!!

Here we are enjoying the sofa from Grandma Jan and Grandpa Mel’s former living room. They did all of the hard work of moving to a new place, and though a crew of folks were actually there to help, somehow we got lucky and got a furniture upgrade. We’re very grateful!

Sometime during the pandemic, Joe and some friends started playing darts in each others’ garages. The boys really struggle to throw that high, so I made them a makeshift version of the board and hung it lower. So come play darts with us! All heights welcome

There must have been something going around in my family that week that compelled us to drive long distances to be someplace for significantly less time than we spent in the car to get there. Drew and Grandma Betty and Grandpa John came up to enjoy a Twins’ game and invited us along!

It was simply perfect weather for enjoying a game. We didn’t roast or freeze, but simply enjoyed the pleasant breeze…with some ice cream, of course.

Look, Gramps! A photo of you and me together. Only one post later than promised.

We’ve gotten to enjoy some quality time in Katy’s backyard this week. Here Henry is using a golf club as a cane, pretending he’s a little old man. I distinctly remember doing that myself as a child!

Last weekend, we had lunch at the St Paul Airport. Did you know that was a thing?! Me either. It’s for small, private planes. We got to watch someone land this plane, park it and walk right up to the restaurant for lunch. Then they took off again!

We were not flying anywhere, but rather on our way to Battle Creek Park for a nice hike.

We ended up getting turned around when Henry wanted to follow a mountain bike trail, so the boys were feeling like this by the end:

Didn’t help that Henry realized his shoes are too small. Turns out they were two sizes too small! So we fixed that the next day. Here he is showing off both his new shoes and the lightsabers he made out of gift wrap tubes and duct tape.

This week they’re at Y camp during the day, so I’ve been able to have free time and get projects done. Yesterday when I was walking home from yoga, I saw this in progress.

We miss you, Curran’s!

Overdue Reunion

This is going to be an epic post, because we just got back from an epic vacation.

11 years ago, the Sikkinks celebrated my grandparents’ 50th anniversary by all gathering in Saco, Maine. It was such a hit, that it’s now an every five years tradition. Well, almost. The third was planned for last summer, but did not happen for obvious reasons. So this was the make-up reunion!

It was mere moments after we arrived, that the boys wanted to head to the ocean beach that was conveniently only a block away. Grandma and Grandpa rose to the occasion. Here they are returning.

In the evenings, the crew gathered at my aunt and uncle’s house nearby to eat, play games and chatter. It had been a very long time since I’d seen most of them!

Then we’d go back to our home on the marsh. So beautiful!

Sunday was the ‘Sikkink Open,’ the family golf tournament. Charlie lists this as his top favorite memory of the trip.

I hear he’s a bit of a wild cart driver!

Mom and I opted out of the golf tournament when I was about 14, so we spent an exploratory day walking around Biddeford.

That afternoon, we met for a family photo. Lynn’s a pro, so she helped orchestrate folks into the best arrangement.

Here we are waiting for our instructions


Each day was a big day for this little guy!

Then we all had to do some exploring. It’s so fun to watch the water and rocks meet.

The morning coffee spot

Monday, we went in to Portland, which is just delightful.

It happened to be a music festival all over the city, so we happened upon some fun stuff, like a clawfoot tub on the sidewalk that anyone could climb into to ‘sing in the shower.’ I regret missing the opportunity, but truly every song except ‘Happy Birthday’ went right out of my head!

We found a kid-centric band that Henry and I enjoyed while the others explored (or got their hair cut, in Joe’s case).

On a recommendation from Joe’s stylist, we hit Highroller Lobster, and were really glad we did.

Oh, hey there, Portland Headlight!

Charlie took this one:

The ocean was an everyday spot for me.

Henry really got into the sand.

The beach was a great place for the kids to bond.

Joe and I had a date night in Biddeford that started out with amazing food and cocktails and ended with a labyrinthian explore in the rain through the mill complex. Perfect.

I’d always wanted to walk from our part of the beach to Old Orchard Beach, not for the destination, just to make the journey. Nobody seemed to think four miles of beach walking was worth it.

But I convinced a few people this time!

My cousin is getting married this summer. Many of us won’t be able to make it back to Maine for the ceremony, but the bride’s mother thoughtfully arranged to have the shower take place while we were all there.

We all had a LOT of fun creating our collective gift for her

Such a pretty location!

A side benefit of our jaunt to OOB, was the discovery of a wonderful soda fountain in Ocean Park. Joe and I walked the boys up there the next morning for breakfast. They found their own table for two!

Then we met up with a bunch of the crew in Kennebunkport for a boat cruise and lobster lesson.

We spent pretty much the whole trip up front. Where better?!

Hello, Lobster!


We did lunch back in Biddeford in one of the big former textile mills.

The cafe was called Jackrabbit, and the boys loved all the bunnies around!

Group Photo # 2!

After our lobster tour, it was lobster boil night.

We followed up the lobsters with s’mores

The kids kept vanishing, and we found out later they’d made a ‘home’ in the woods. There were tick checks and lots of bug bites that came out of it, but it was totally worth it to hear the fun they were having. Henry wanted me to document their forest home so he could remember it.

Back to Biddeford! While Joe brought my parents to the airport, the boys and I wandered through the shop-filled streets of Saco and Biddeford. Here we are on the footbridge.

A particular antique shop was our destination. Henry found a great book on how to draw trains.

Joe met up with us for lunch at the dining car.

Then we learned about the history of the town and its mills.

Then we had one last trip to the beach and a final evening with the crew. It was windy and cold, so Henry dug himself a wind shelter.

A great week! It was hard to leave, but always good to get home.

The first night home, I slept in until 11:15am. Apparently I had some catching up to do!

We made it!

It’s summertime!!! I made it through my first year of teaching, and what a year it was. Overall, my take-away is that this is a great career for me. Though the school year had all of the topsy-turvyness that everyone else’s did, and I had some steep learning curves to grapple with, it was pretty great. I finished June 10th, and the boys went one more day, finishing up last Friday. I took that opportunity to book myself a well-earned massage.

Now that summer break it here, and we’re diving in headfirst.

A couple of weeks ago, Joe accomplished a 120 mile bike ride to his parents’ cabin. Despite the temperature getting up to 105 degrees on his trip, he made it! He camped halfway at a park along the St. Croix.

We were a little more low key back home while he was doing that. Henry had a birthday party, so Charlie and I took in the Twin Cities Model Railway Museum. It’s one of Charlie’s favorite places.

Afterward, the three of us took an ill-advised trip to Fort Snelling. It was nearby and recently re-opened, but it was 100 degrees, and the buildings are all still closed due to the pandemic. So we roasted, and there was very little to see. They had a lookout tower open, though, which provided a few moments of shady relief.

You can read the sentiment we were all feeling on Charlie’s face here: “Let’s go home.”

The next day, we decided to do something cooler while Joe recovered in the AC: go south to meet my parents in Clear Lake!

The beach there is so delightful, and the water felt amazing. The boys really liked the big waves coming in, too. I think they’re ready for the ocean next week!

Did I mention Henry’s been losing a bunch of teeth, lately? He lost one of the big front ones that day.

After a couple of hours of wave time, we headed to our regular ice cream spot, the South Shore Sweet Spot. Their patio is always baking in the sun, so we always seem to form our own patio elsewhere on their property.

There was a wee bit of silliness that occurred.

A group-wide game of chair-swap, involving one person taking a stroll around the weird garage building, was a nice way to end the day.

Sometimes the chairs ended up in very odd places.

Last weekend was another scorcher. We went to the mid-day St Paul Saints game with the Novak crew on Sunday, and it was 95 degrees out.

The babies did pretty well, considering. Luke was curious about everything, and Charlie was happy to explain things.

Although, when it came to the actual game, the boys had some questions of their own. Baseball’s a pretty confusing game.

Peek-a-boo, buddy!

It may have been the first time we made it to the end of a baseball game. When they announced that kids get to run the bases afterward, Henry’s head swiveled right around!

Here they are approaching first base. They’re in the lower right corner with Joe.

Even Luke went out there!

Our friend runs a rooftop patio right across the way, so we stopped in to say Hey after the game.

With the heat lately, he’d gotten squirt guns for the workers to keep cool. He let us borrow them 🙂

Seeing where we were from above.

Joe found a gymnastics camp for the boys for their first week off, and it sounds like it’s been fun for them.

Tuesday morning, Henry came into our room saying, “ow!… ow! …ow! …ow!” Everything is sore!

Monday, it was finally cool enough to do family dinner comfortably outdoors. Hooray!

Future fire pit patio.

Yesterday was a whirlwind day for us. In the morning, we met up with Nada and her boys at a playground/splash pad up in Champlin.

It’s been a year since we’ve been able to play with them, and they’ve gotten so big!

After gymnastics in the afternoon and dinner at home, Henry and I headed back out the door, this time heading south to Burnsville. His first-grade teacher’s daughter was in a dance production of The Greatest Showman. She extended an invitation to anyone who wanted to attend, and he really wanted to go!!! It was a late night for him, and he was so exhausted, but he loved the show. In between scenes, he curled up on my lap so he could save energy. “I want to see as much of this as possible!” he said.

And he made it to the end!

(His teacher is the woman crouching in the first row, second from the left, and her daughter, the dancer, is right in the middle of the photo wearing the striped dress.)

“Take the World in a Love Embrace”

We’ve had some amazing weekends recently.

I had a whole weekend to myself, and dove into all things Carlye. I hit The Gnome’s patio, did as much yoga as I could, enjoyed Art-A-Whirl with friends, watched Doctor Who and walked around Lake Harriet.

Then, when the boys came back, it felt glorious to just be with them. One night, Charlie suggested a walk, and we went by Pumphouse. It’s been closing early, so we didn’t expect it to actually be open, but it was!

They’ve been selling strictly pints this year, and no one’s been allowed in the store, so it was super special that we got to have actual ice cream cones. They have these amazing homemade cones that we’ve definitely been missing. Ice cream’s just better on a cone!

It’s been very rainy lately. Here are the boys tromping through our alley to the school bus in the morning.

Two weekends ago, though, it was sunny all weekend, so we hit, I think, 5 different playgrounds. Phelps was the first.

Joe getting acrobatic

We were at Theodore Wirth Park picking up Joe’s race packet for his 5K the next day, and you know who lives right nearby? Nora!

Then that afternoon, Henry had a school group project to work on. As you can see, they worked very diligently on that schoolwork.

On race day, we found a perfect playground spot to enjoy while waiting for Joe to run by. It was filled with bird and frog songs, and they also had beautiful musical play elements.

Charlie’s over by the woods through which the runners pass. We ended up missing Joe, because he ran the 10K by mistake!

For Memorial weekend, we enjoyed 4 days at the cabin. The weather was chillier and more overcast than we’d hoped, but the company was lovely. A rented pontoon gave us some beautiful water time, even if we had to bring sweatshirts.

It was so fun to play with the little ones. The boys just love showing them fun games.

They call this one “Ba-boom!”

Nora came up with this one. Belly Button Hunt!

Imaginary boat rides hold their own joy. Nothing like full control of the wheel

We also tested the live well capacity. Turns out it can hold about half a Charlie

and a whole Henry


It wasn’t the easiest month for me, work-wise. My 8th grade students have been really feeling burnt out, and then they had standardized testing for a couple of weeks, and it was not pretty.

Luckily, back in October, Joe was researching around, as he does, and happened upon beautiful camper cabins you can rent at a county park south of Farmington. Turns out, they book up six months out, so, on a whim, he rented us a night in one, not knowing what May Day would look like for us.

It was the perfect thing at the perfect time.

It was beautiful and quiet and rustic. Just the getaway we needed, and only a 30 minute drive.

Wandering the grounds of the park, chatting with the boys, was so nice.

I checked out a book from the library with instructions for a whole bunch of different games you can play with a deck of cards. I was perusing it, when Henry looked over my shoulder and got very excited to pick some out to try.

It was really nice to play games that we all learned together. There was no teaching or explaining, just doing. I loved it. My favorite was ‘Cucumber.’ I was decidedly the loser, but it was a great game!

The next morning, while Joe and I got things packed up, Charlie and Henry made up their own games to play together.

They also had fun with the big wheelbarrow provided for lugging items to and from your car.

On the other side of the park was this cool playground that didn’t look like any playground I’ve ever seen. The ‘play’ parts were beautifully tucked into an observation area along the top of a hill. Henry liked this net built into the viewing platform.

Charlie checked it out, but was pretty happy to get back onto solid ground after. I tried it out, and it was, indeed, a little unnerving!

Back at home, our yard is looking so gorgeous. I love apple blossom/tulip time!

When I see all of the blossoming trees, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with happiness. For a couple of weeks every year, trees are magically covered in more beautiful flowers than you could possibly count. Glorious.

In the backyard, we’re trying out lentils this year, instead of our usual pumpkins

My yoga studio celebrated its 4th birthday this past weekend! It would be hard to overstate the positive, far-reaching effects this place has had on my life. It was one of my long-time dreams to have a regular studio that I loved that was within walking distance of my house. I figured it would never actually happen, but a girl can dream. I joined just a few months after they opened, and from that very first class, my world was rocked in all the best ways. My health, happiness, strength, sense of community, self-knowledge, resilience in hard moments, and ability to process joyful ones have all gone way up. Thanks, Up!

The studio celebrated by embracing and amplifying the skills and knowledge of one of its members, which is so cool. She learned how to tie dye during quarantine, and ended up getting really into it. During the birthday party she helped us all tie dye our very own things.

All our projects turned out lovely. I’m sure you’ll see photos all of us wearing our items over time, but here’s Joe’s handiwork!

I don’t do a lot of constructive sewing in my life, since it fills me with rage. I enjoy a good mending session, but in terms of creating something new using the sewing machine, I have about a one-per-year quota. I finished this year’s project that night. It’s a yoga bolster using scraps from our dining room chair coverings and old cloth napkins!

For Mother’s Day, I got to enjoy breakfast in bed. Everybody joined me, and we all looked at my cards together and played with my new action figures! If you haven’t watched the show Ted Lasso yet, I’d recommend it. It inspired this delightful gift.

Donna brought over a Mother’s Day gift for me, and her outfit matched my blossoming tree beautifully. So I had to document the moment. (You can see a little bit of my tie dye as well)

This week in the art room, we’re working on human proportions in preparation for our portrait project. I thought making our own paper dolls would be a fun way to do that. Look, it’s me!!!


It’s been a week of connection and re-connection for me. I have new students for the final quarter of school, so I’ve focused on having them create art that shows me who they are, and where their interests and talents lie. One of their options for Week One was to show me what they carry with them, in terms of objects or experiences. I made examples of two different ways to do that, and got a liiiiittle bit carried away. I spent hours and hours on them, because it was so much fun to think about and explore.

  1. What I carry with me when I leave the house

2) Left hand, my past
Right hand, my present
Background, things that have stuck with me all along

It’s also been a joy to re-connect with people we’ve been isolated from for awhile.
Mom got to give her art skills a workout with clay and rainbow scratch paper

Dad learned a little about swordfighting

Henry says, “Grandpa’s not the greatest at sword-fighting, but he always wins at tickle-fights!”

I had a yoga anatomy workshop that Saturday, but Joe brought the troops up to Nicollet Island to enjoy the river, sunshine and cherry blossoms

That night, we got lucky with two more visitors: My Grandparents!

It was a quick visit, but a great one. On their way back south, they had arranged to take a casual tour of their former house in Apple Valley. We sort of invited ourselves along, and guess what’s still there?

The growth marks of my cousins and I as we grew up!

The backyard looks dramatically different. I’m curious to see what it becomes over time. It was weird to see the putting green and sand trap gone, but the boys really enjoyed hopping along the old stepping stones that are still there.

Inside, the house is decorated differently, but for the most part has the same feel to it. It was so much fun to explore. The owners were so kind and friendly!

Monday, we got to see both of the babies together again!

Nora was so curious about whatever the boys were up to

They wouldn’t let her turn the pages from down on the floor, so maybe if she climbed up on the couch???

Aunt Carlye, why won’t those boys let me turn all the pages?

She’s also great at finding belly buttons.

It was a tense and heavy week in our city, so it felt good Tuesday evening to walk up to George Floyd Square and feel the collective lightening of spirits.

The boys were learning from home Wednesday-Friday this week, so there was a return of some of those cooped-up feelings. The best way to let that go turned out to be a rubber duck race along our neighborhood creek!

Our neighborhood association put on the race as a fund-raiser and way to bring some joy! There were 2,000 sponsored ducks ‘racing’ from one part of the creek to the next, with people cheering and helping stuck ducks all along the way. We did a combo of walking alongside them and staying in one place.

These two ducks just floated to the short by us. I think they were feeling tired and just wanted to take a breather.

We found a nice island where the boys could get a good view, help ducks, and play in the water/mud. It was perfect.

We saw every duck, first-to-last, float down the creek. Here’s the crew coming through in waders to rally on the stragglers. Henry decided he wants some waders. Boots that are pants? Just what he needs.

The event was very well attended, but as you can see here, we were some of the last spectators standing. It’s always so hard to leave a creek

Lovely Days

We had a spot of lovely weather for awhile there! It just snowed, but I do hope we’ll get back to warmth soon.

While it was nice, we got to enjoy some backyard relaxation and fairy-garden tending

Even when we were inside, the sunshine meant rainbows were everywhere!

Vaccination is so sweet! Family dinners are such a joyful part of the week.

You don’t have to be a kid to have fun zooming around the driveway! A lot of us get in on the action.

The toddlers can’t WAIT to get to do their own zooming

We’re still not to outdoor planting time up here yet, but I’m so proud of how well my indoor plants have been doing.

Now that we’re not all at home during the day (just Joe), our family time has become more precious and so much more appreciated.

A good Monopoly session on Saturday morning was the perfect way to start off the boys’ spring break.

Then we had a sunny Easter celebration in which we actually had to apply sunscreen! What a world!!!!

And then, my three guys headed off on their spring break adventure. I missed them oh so much! But they had Lanesboro, Decorah, Dubuque, Madison, etc. to discover.

Here’s a pic Joe took of them in their cozy window beds in Dubuque.

I’ve started my final quarter of the schoolyear. I can’t believe I’ve made it this far! I’ve learned just oh, so much in these long months.

Alright, let’s end on a Henry creation. Wouldn’t you love to sip some iced tea out of this?!
Kids just know how to do life better, I think.

Getting Out

Bonfires, man. That’s where it’s at.

These two are quite a delightful pair. I imagine this year has had profound impacts on all sibling relationships. It’s been fun to see these two navigate everything together.

We got out for a couple of impromptu hikes last weekend in the Hastings area.

There was water, and we are magnetically drawn to water we can play with.

All of our shoes got wet, but Henry’s actually had to be dumped out after

Then on Sunday we had another delightful afternoon at Powderhorn Park

We found what is definitely the best seesaw in the world.

We even got to have a Sarah accompany us!

After the park, we had a girls date to the Museum of Russian Art, which is one of my top favorite museums anywhere. There was a Marlena Myles exhibit that we had to check out, and I’m so glad we did. We also got the chance to snap this selfie with Don Quixote, a literary acquaintance from way back when we first met, over 15 years ago.

And then…it was my spring break!

Apparently I was the only person who thought a hike in Kinnickinnic State Park in Wisconsin was the place to be in the middle of a weekday.

You can’t really tell, but that’s a very long, very steep, and pretty slippery hill behind me in this next shot. I made it down and up with no problem. What a difference a month makes! Still feeling feelings around the tailbone, but they limit me no more.


You have to go to the beach for Spring Break, I heard.

Hello, St Croix River

I couldn’t make a sandcastle, so I made a snowperson named Sandy.

Found the Purple Trail, because I love purple.

The main destination of the day was River Falls. It was lovely, but photographing Main Streets just doesn’t ever turn out. There are always too many cars that end up in the middle of the shot. So you’ll just have to go there and see it. I mostly enjoyed the town’s river walk along the Kinnickinnic. I liked what they called the Swinging Bridge.

Something I’ve missed dearly during Quarantimes is reading a book in a public place while enjoying a beverage of some kind. I’m so glad patio season is back!

Here’s one more Henry grin to send you off to the rest of your day in a good mood. Go forth and be awesome!

Inching Along

There is a lot on the horizon, with my vaccination process half-over, students coming back full-time soon and spring just peaking its head out every so often! Co-workers are even talking about things for next school year.

I am a planner. I like to know what things will happen, when they will happen, and what I can possibly do ahead of time to be prepared when that moment comes. I sometimes pack for trips a week in advance.

But right now my homework for myself is to say, “Enough.”

This is not a year where planning far in advance does any good at all, so what I’ve ended up with are a lot of scrambled, re-worked plans that cost me much more effort and stress than if I’d just waited until closer to the time.

I’m allowing more space in my brain to prepare enough in advance, and then stop. I’m trying to more intentionally enjoy the moments.

It’s enough to just listen to a Henry story while whisking myself up some matcha.
There’s nothing more important I could do with my time.

Luckily, with the weather turning, there is also more opportunity for gathering with our friends! But even on bitter cold days, we’re still making it happen.
I find that all those work cares and scheduling stressors vanish magically when I’m with friends.

I don’t have a lot of photos of the boys to show you, because with my students back in school, the yearbook committee hounds us daily for photos of them. And it’s not actually ethical for me to post photos of my students, so I can’t even share those.

But I can show you this silly tower I made while we were taking an outdoor break during my 3D Art period.

Also my silly sculpture. I call it Essence of Elephant.

And beads! We were not working on a beading project at all, but amongst their experimenting, several students managed to find some and make themselves bracelets!

So that’s all, folks. It’s a short pop-in for now from me, but rest assured we are all doing well at our home. Joe’s said goodbye to skiing season and is welcoming biking with open arms. Both boys are now having positive experiences in school, and we’re all sleeping much better at night.

My back and wrist are feeling hugely healed from my accident, and with the help of a wrist-guard I’m back at the yoga mat! It’s been huge for helping me embrace the “enough” mindset I’m going for.

Here you can enjoy all my patterns for Wacky Wednesday at school for Spirit Week today

Happy March!


Frost those cupcakes everyone, for distance learning is coming to a close!

Hopefully it will stick, and the dinner table can go back to just holding food and books as it should.

While quarantine isn’t at an end, it does feel like this is a new chapter at least. I baked a loaf of bread recently, and I realized it was the first one I’d baked since I was in grad school. I never actually baked bread during our time all together at home, which would have been a great time to do it. Ah well!

It has been bitterly cold around here for awhile now, and I’m looking forward to being able to get out again without fear of frostbite.

Joe, on the other hand, has been skiing and going for long walks throughout it all. You just can’t keep this man inside. Unless it’s hot and sunny out, that is.

Joe basking in the -12 temps

The boys don’t get out in it much, but they’re in for a short walk now and again.

For Henry it’s more of a sprint.

Then he stops and wonders what’s taking everyone else so long.

Guess it’s gonna be awhile.

For Christmas, the boys got a great Escape-Room-in-a-Box, and we had a ton of fun solving all of the puzzles

Finding wrong answers were just as much fun as finding right ones!

We escaped! WHEW! It was a close call there for a minute

Even though Henry’s now back in school in person, and Charlie starts next Monday, after-school stuff is still online. Henry’s been liking watching Charlie’s chess tournaments so much that last week he did a little playing of his own during the meet.

Charlie had a yucky stomach the other night, so the couch bed has made a return! It was the first time any of us has been “sick” at all this winter. There are some definite upsides to quarantine

I can’t say I’ll miss teaching in the chilly basement…because I’ll keep doing it on Fridays.

But at least I’ve got my setup all nice and cheery now. I’m nervous about going back in-person next week, and I have not enjoyed having to keep switching up my teaching format back-and-forth. So yet another switch is making me anxious and exhausted.

Hopefully it will all go well and there will be minimal change for the remainder of the year. I’m ready for some good solid routines to be able to develop, but I’m hardly holding my breath.

Think good thoughts for all of us as we transition–the boys and I to being at school, and Joe to working from home by himself. It’ll be an adjustment for all.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming

It was a long 6 weeks of recovery for my poor bum.

But I do think that in that time, the boys and I learned to embrace comfort, rest and snuggles to a whole new level.

Joe, who was in GO Mode to take care of all of us, embraced the cold outdoors by cross-country skiing as much as possible.

Charlie and I have learned some new, complicated games, like Tzolkin (below) and Dice Forge, and Henry has figured out how to kind of turn distance-learning into doing the kind of learning and experimenting he feels like doing.

It’s not exactly great for developing life skills like paying attention and following directions, but the kid is curious, active and experimental.

Charlie’s all about those directions, but he got pretty creative with his decorate mask assignment for his art class. A mustache!

Outside, they practiced making the sounds of all of the different instruments they could think of. Do-it-yourself music class!

Charlie joined an online afterschool chess club. Henry likes to be right there!

And then we’ve got mountain-climbing for P.E. See? We’re making it all happen.

Two Sundays ago, I was feeling considerably better and antsy to get out of the house and moving. So I put on my yak trax and hit the sidewalk.

I made it to Lake Harriet, which is a mile and a half away. I felt great, and was inspired by the hockey-players on the lake to keep on truckin.

Then I came across a steady stream of people doing a Polar Plunge. Not for any event, charity or anything…just people who want to dunk into an icy lake for kicks.

I felt further inspired and kept on.

I ended up making it to Linden Hills, fueled up with some coffee, and enjoyed my return walk, totalling up 5 miles that day. It was a big accomplishment, especially after barely making it two blocks just a few weeks ago, and a wonderful sign that the next day I wasn’t even sore.

To celebrate…well, mostly because we were inspired by Cupcake Diaries…the boys and I made sweet zucchini cupcakes with avocado frosting.

It was difficult to get a photo where they didn’t look gross, but I promise you, they were delicious! Charlie did a great job icing

…and Henry, of course, came in when the sprinkles came out

Bolstered by my walking success, the boys and I drove up to NE Mpls to explore around the river and St Anthony Main.

It was…super cold! We didn’t last long, but it was nice to be out nonetheless.

It’s the end of Quarter 2 of my first year of teaching. I made it halfway! With a fresh start ahead, I’m trying to come up with ways to improve my curriculum and try out new projects. Toying with having the students do a weaving project with homemade cardboard looms and plastic bag strips…

I do enjoy the creativity and flexibility that has come out of this time we’re in.

Now that I feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, AND I can, you know, move again, I’m feeling such joy.

Just Keep Swimming

For my birthday, I usually go to an art museum and go ice skating. When I envisioned my COVID birthday, I thought, “Hey! At least I’ll still get to go skating!”

With my injury, that was obviously not an option either.

Luckily, my mobility keeps getting better, so we were able to go on a short hike. Joe’s the expert at finding great places to walk, so I asked him for somewhere flattish, with dirt trails (paved ones can be icy, which is scary for me right now), and is a bit of a drive away so we could really get out there and listen to some How to Train Your Dragon, as read by David Tennant. He remembered Cleary Regional Park, the place where Henry found his great quill feathers.

A lot of people were out cross-country skiing there as well. We even saw someone with an infant car seat tucked into an inner-tube that they pulled along behind them as they went! So cute.

Henry would sprint in bursts, making some kind of vehicle noise, and then would rest in the snow to regain his energy.

I thought a break sounded nice, too, so the boys and I took a rest together.

While we ate our lunch back home, we enjoyed some winter rainbows courtesy of prisms Meagan sent!

It really was a lovely birthday! I’m so happy for the darling people I live with

For Christmas this year, we got the boys Nintendo, and they’ve been loving their Mario Kart break of the day! They have also been enjoying some of the classic Mario games, which is fun to watch.

Those silly boys bringing some last minute joy to me right before their bedtime.

The next day, we celebrated Colleen’s birthday belatedly with a lovely walk through Como Park. Babies!!!

It was a gorgeous afternoon

Henry was curious what he looked like in his snowpants. I told him I’d take a picture, and that he should make the face he wanted to see. Hahahahahaha!

School started up the next day for all of us. Henry was really looking forward to it, and Charlie was bummed. I was…ambivalent.

But now that we’re halfway through the week, I can honestly say it’s been good. It’s nice to have some more purpose to our days, and it gives me a good distraction from my butt!

Henry’s learning oodles about snakes and other animals, and loving sharing his new facts. Charlie is finding he still has plenty of time to create Lego scenes and read, so being back in school’s not so bad.