Day by Day

My workday looks pretty different these days. Minneapolis Public School teachers and Educational Support Personnel are currently on strike. Today was Day 12 (not counting weekends).

In the mornings, we meet at our own school site for picketing, dancing, and general visibility. Our school has created themes for each day, so I’ve shown up dressed as a unicorn, a baseball player, a gym-goer, mismatched, and tie-dyed. St. Patrick’s Day was an easy theme. Wear green!

Some days we meet up with nearby schools and do a joint picket at a prominent intersection. Last week we met up with Barton teachers at Lake & Hennepin, the heart of Uptown.

Afternoons, all sites meet at one location. Usually I hang with the boys during that time instead, but sometimes we all go to the afternoon meet together. The Capitol one, for instance, I thought would be a cool one for them to be a part of.

Tuesday last week was glorious weather, so in the afternoon we decided to wander Downtown for funsies. We ended up at Target Field, and thoroughly enjoyed their sunny plaza.

Kirby! Kirby!

Henry headed up the snow mountain

Charlie and I did separate experiments melting snow/ice chunks on the hot concrete and seeing where the drips flowed

Then we thought about melting them on the hot copper sculptures, and it was truly fascinating. Charlie, as per usual, heated up quickly in the sun.

That afternoon I enjoyed a happy hour with friends in St Paul. I am still in awe at how wonderful it feels to be able to get together with people in restaurants again.

Wednesday we hit the park.

The ice was halfway to melted in a lot of spots, so it made for some great slush/mud/water combos to stop through and mix up.

Clearly the middle of the field is the low point.

It got…um…really deep.

Snow boots were the wrong choice for Henry, since the lining just soaked up all the water.

He decided it would be better to just walk home barefoot. Oh, to be 8!

We had a milestone moment last week. During one of our before-bed reading sessions, both of our yoga balls sprung irreparable leaks. It was very weird timing, since one of them was like 5 years older than the other! I had bought the big one when Charlie was a baby, and our previous hand-me-down ball popped. Life without a ball is just not okay for Charlie, so I had to bring him with me, baby screams and all, to buy a replacement. Eleven years later, he made the same request of me. This time there was no crying, though 🙂

Henry really liked the juxtaposition of himself on the new big ball, and Charlie on the new little ball.

Thursday we hit the Mill City Museum, which had been closed for a looooong time due to the pandemic. They were so happy to be back, and it did not disappoint. The water room is the favorite. You can see them both in this next pic, Charlie in the foreground, and Henry in the blue hoodie behind him, figuring something out with another random blondie.

We love the old commercials

After a few weeks of Family Dinner at our house, it was fun to be back in Little Canada. Nora re-discovered the sandbox

Uncle Joe always comes up with unique ideas for fun, and kids love him.

I got up from the dinner table at one point, and what I saw filled my heart with joy. She just loves Cha-chi.

He’s getting so big!

I spent this past weekend in Grand Marais, hanging out with Jalene and her daughter.

They live right in town, so we took a nice little walk to enjoy the puddles and grab some lunch at the Angry Trout.

It was delightful all around!

The view out the window of the restaurant

I got to do puzzles, play games–mostly Guess Who (she always chose one of the four girl characters), and read books. She’s almost 4, and it’s such a cool age.

Tina hosted a taco party that Sunday, which I thought I was going to miss since I was out of town. But the party kept on going through the beautiful sunny day, so I arrived back in the Cities to find a backyard of friends to hang out with!

Including my friend who’s real new in town!

This week has been colder and rainier/snowier, so we’ve been doing a lot of Legos in the afternoons, which is restorative and joyful for both the boys and me.

Still, I look forward to more sunshine soon!

Finding the Good

A few weekends ago, we went up north with some friends to soak up the rejuvenating effects of being by Lake Superior.

We got there midday Friday, and after hours in the car were excited to get out into the snow.

It was super cold and windy, but when there are mountains of snow to play on, you just have to bust into your creativity and take advantage.

This dude would have no problem if you told him he could never go inside again. He just thrives on fresh air, and seems to literally envelope himself in the Earth–whether it’s sand, dirt or snow.

Charlie, meanwhile, is very in touch with the temperature of his toes. I can relate! Inside, we played with a Google feature we were not previously aware of. We were looking up some important information regarding the ankylosaurus, and discovered we could see what one would look like in our space (though, as you can see, we had not chosen to have it be “actual size” yet. Here’s a screenshot of Charlie and the dinosaur.

Saturday we hit Gooseberry Falls State Park for some cross-country skiing. Here’s our 6-person crew

Joe and Charlie

Naturally, Henry couldn’t resist the snow mountains by the parking lot, so while Joe and Phil did a loop on their skate skis, Emily and I hung with the boys on the snow piles.

Here’s the view from our cabin. Friday night we could hear the ice breaking up and floating away, and Saturday the ice was all gone from the lake. So crazy!


The week after that dragged by. Only Family Dinner on Thursday kept me going. We hosted, and it was such a joy to see my niece and nephew playing at our house. The pandemic really robbed us of the opportunity to hang out in each others’ homes. It made me happy that they didn’t want to leave at the end of the night!

Last weekend, Joe won a lottery for tickets to the MN United season opener. Sadly, it was both very cold and raining. Not exactly ideal for an open-air stadium, but we still enjoyed the adventure.

I hadn’t watched soccer in a long time, and I surprised myself at how vocal it made me. I wanted to comment on everything, and to yell at players what I would say to them if I were on the field. I guess I understand people who follow sports better than I thought I did.

Our church finally opened back up for in-person Sunday school a few weeks ago–their first in-person service was this past weekend. I’m one of the 2nd grade teachers, so Henry and I are together. The room we’re in this year has play equipment in it, so often afterward we’ll just stay and play after everyone else is gone. Charlie was in this classroom for 3rd grade when the pandemic hit, and he was noticing on Sunday how much he’s grown in two years. He was even able to touch his nose to the ceiling!

Tall boys

Oh yes, and here’s Henry trapped in the dungeon. I was the Queen, and he was my prisoner who kept escaping. I had to keep chasing him down. It was very frustrating.

After Monday, Minneapolis teachers went on strike. It’s been a cold week to be out on the picket line, but on Wednesday some of my work friends and I realized that dancing keeps us more pumped up than chanting. Here we are (I took the photo, so I’m not in it) really getting into some ABBA!

In the mornings, we picket at our own schools, and in the afternoon have been district-wide gatherings. I brought the boys to the one at the Capitol, and Charlie was recognized before any of the rest of us! His math teacher from last year saw him and thanked him for coming out. Pretty cool.

Yesterday, the boys and I took the weird and rare opportunity that this strike has provided to spend the afternoon at the pool! It was a long drive out to Chaska, but it was worth it to feel like we were in Wonderland without a care in the world.

Today was brutally cold, so the morning picket was pretty demoralizing. Coming back to my warm home where Joe made me avocado toast with egg was buoying. I spent the afternoon playing board games, and am feeling back in good spirits, especially since it’s Friday. I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow and NOT leave the house–except maybe to go to yoga 🙂

Showing Up

Starting a new semester was exciting. A fresh start! Students for whom I won’t be their third art teacher of the year. I can set things up the way I want to.

I forgot how exhausting it is to start with new students. So many names to learn, quirks to figure out, dynamics to assess, and expectations to clarify and enforce. I was working hard to build a positive class culture. It worked really well with some of my classes, but when you see six totally different groups of students in different age groups, there’s no magic formula. A couple periods started off in shambles, and I felt a lot of despair about that. I spent a few weeks waking up in fear and frequently walking home in tears. But I did it. I kept showing up, kept smiling, kept repeating what was important, and kept my cool (mostly). I stayed reflective, and had some great exploratory conversations with my school mentor. Now (knock on wood!), things are going a lot better, and we’re on a pretty good path toward the rest of the school year.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Watching the boys do gymnastics is inspiring for me. One, it’s just fun to see them out there flipping around, but it also reminds me that what I value in others is not that they are naturally talented. I value their effort, persistence, and ability to enjoy things that they have not mastered. It makes me happy to see all the kids with different abilities out there trying, falling, and getting back up.

I want to be more like them.

One tricky variable is that you can never quite know what things will be hard. Henry and Joe had a dickens of a time trying to knock this dice tower over using air!

Friends of ours had a baby recently, and they seem to be dealing with the newborn stage amazingly. Something that did end up being a challenge for them was figuring out diapering. They wanted to do cloth diapers, but were feeling confused and not having great success. Since that’s something I have expertise in and a passion for, I was able to give them a lesson. AND I got to hang out with their baby in the meantime. Look at this beautiful child!

A friend from grad school informed a few of us Art Teacher Moms that she now has an outdoor Jacuzzi. This was very exciting news to all involved, so this past week we enjoyed a snowy hot-tub time while swapping stories from our classrooms. It was so therapeutic, mentally and physically. She lives right by the Witch’s Hat Tower, so I got some nighttime shots.

The view of Downtown Minne from the hill.

My parents came up for a visit this weekend, which was wonderfully planned. I just really needed some time with my Mommy and Daddy, and the boys had so much they wanted to show them.

We all now look fresh, too. Thanks, Mom!

Sunday was in the 40s, so we definitely wanted to get out into the sunshine. Lunch at Heather’s was a lovely start.

Then we headed to Coldwater Spring.

Hennie found water!

The woods near the dog park were filled with lots of squeals of, “Mom! Look!”

Henry found a 203-year-old wall to climb up to.

So nice to be together

Getting Out There

Did we have a miserable time during quarantine? No, absolutely not. In fact, in some ways it was nicer than usual, because I just got to do the things that make me feel happy and alive: hang around my family, do house maintenance, and make art.

Did e-learning and not being able to be with others, even at the grocery store suck? Yes. Yes, it did. Postponing an already late Christmas gathering, and missing out on a visit from my grandparents were definite bummers.

There are always upsides and downsides. Another upside, was that once we were safe to be around again, getting back out into the world felt especially sweet.

Family Dinner always brings me deep joy, but we all appreciated it a lot more last week!

Last weekend, we went to French Park and rented some cross-country skis. We split up pretty much immediately, so no group shots, and none of Joe or Charlie at all. But Henry and I ended our ski by heading down to the lake, and he loooved the quick, steep slope to get down there.

He just went up and down, up and down. Lots of falls trying to get up the steepness, but he was so happy.

After our rental skis were due back, the boys and I played on a snow mountain, while Joe took some laps on his own.

Hot tea really hit the spot

The next day, we checked out the Winter Carnival snow sculptures at the Fairgrounds.

The Vulcans had a hot air balloon burner they’d take your photo under. We didn’t, but the heat felt nice nearby.

My personal favorite

Check out this vehicle! It’s like one of Henry’s drawings come to life.

Afterward, we played some shuffleboard at Spitz while waiting for our döners.

I picked up a book at the library called, Make It Mighty Ugly, about working through creative insecurities. I thought it might give me some good ideas for my middle school students who are embarrassed by their work, and scared to try. It’s turned out, however, to also just be great for me! I’m not much of a perfectionist, and don’t have much trouble diving into project, even if I think it might not turn out. But it’s still been a really helpful and interesting way to examine some of the creative demons that do haunt me. One of the exercises the author has you do is to take 3 photos every day for a week. Of anything. They can be pretty, ugly, good, bad, doesn’t matter.

Clearly, I take a lot of photos anyway, but I decided to try taking some of things I wouldn’t normally save and share. Henry actually asked me to take this one. His lava lamp was warming up, and he thought it looked like a face. I’m not sure I see the face, but it does look very cool.

Turns out, the time of day I’m most inspired to photograph is my commute to school.

I don’t always take the same bus route, but I usually take the 23. I walk north to 38th Street. If I can’t see the bus coming by the co-op, then I often end up crossing 35W, walking toward Nicollet.

I like the stop at Nicollet, because there’s a bench, and if it seems like the 23 isn’t coming on time, I can cross the street, and grab an 18 out front of the Ace.

There’s a retired guy named Rick on my bus, who greets every single person who gets on. At first, I thought I was going to be annoyed by that, but it’s actually really pleasant. He talks to the driver, and now me, and tells us where he’s headed for breakfast that day, or chats about whatever’s in the news.

I used to get off at the Uptown Transit Station and walk along bustling Hennepin, but I’ve been liking getting off at Fremont instead, by the Cub Foods, and then walking the neighborhood streets.

I like crossing over the Greenway, our bike highway.

On my way home, though, I do head to the Transit Station, but still through the neighborhood. After a day of interacting with 100 middle schoolers, I crave some solitude and calm.

3 blocks later, I’m usually feeling ready to re-engage with the world, and anxious to get home. Yesterday, my bus driver was chatty, and told me about his various teachers over the years, including a great art teacher and some scary nuns. It felt wonderful to talk to someone, instead of just sitting in silence, and made the journey fly by.

I really enjoy those parts of my day, even when it’s below zero. Walking is something I love, and it feels nice to let someone else do the driving for me. The combination is perfect: a good bit of time automatically carved out of my day for reflection and peace.

This past Thursday, we FINALLY were able to celebrate Christmas with the Novaks. It was a beautiful whirlwind, so I have no documentation of it. But I do have this little nugget of happiness. Charlie and Nora are just best buds.

As soon as we walk through the door, she comes running to hug Chachi!


Well, it finally happened. Henry caught the omicron variant last week. We were planning a family cabin trip last weekend, so we all took tests. Certainly were not expecting the results! He was very upset, poor guy. We only had 3 tests at home, so Joe got a rapid one the next day, and turned out he was positive, too. I made it through the weekend in the clear, but then tested positive on Monday.

Charlie’s managed to stay negative so far, and we’re all pretty much asymptomatic (although things definitely smell wrong to me right now). So those vaccines are working hard for us! Very thankful.

It’s a bummer to be quarantined for real again, but honestly, the timing was good. Our school district has been scrambling for staff with so many people out, so they sent the kids home to e-learn for two weeks. That means that instead of us all being home with nothing to do, we continue being part of our schools as much as we would have if we didn’t have covid.

We’re also big fans of outdoor outings, so we’re not exactly staying down in the dumps.

Here we’re exploring some frozen marshlands at Lake Elmo.

I’ve also been feeling very crafty while home, which has helped immensely. I’m hoping that hanging these letters in my classroom will help students remember my name. I don’t love getting called “Mrs. …Teacher?”

It’s been mostly cold, but Wednesday was amazing. The temps made for the best packable snow ever. Henry and I used it to make snow walls to destroy.

Charlie used it to make snow-fetti!

The sunshine felt amazing.

We’ve had indoor good times as well. I’ve done a lot of crossword-puzzling with Charlie, which is a delight, and a cookie-baking session on Monday helped raise our spirits.

Nothing better than fresh-baked cookies while imagining other worlds.

With all of us being on computers nearly the whole school day, the moments when we’re not feel super precious. It’s led to lots of silly things like Gaga Ball in the basement and doing Turbo Jam workouts as a family. The best, though, is when Henry says, “Do you want to play a _________ game?” which just means doing a dramatic role-play using a particular world as a setting. Yesterday, he pretended to be a delivery driver bringing me boxes of clay at school. We used my hand weights to act out bringing in the heavy boxes. For the second shipment, we decided balloons might be better cargo.

Here’s another get-up he concocted last night. Gotta love the commitment to a part.

See you folks on the other side of quarantine!

Snow Bird Christmas

We went to Des Moines for Christmas, and enjoyed some pretty comfortable temperatures. As soon as we got there, we headed straight to the new playground at Witmer Park.

It was such a nice chance to get in some good quality time.

Christmas Eve was so pleasant that we decided to take a nice hike.

Henry was tempted by the ice sheets on the pond, so while the crew played there, I headed up to the nearby Art Center.

Always nice to see the Goldsworthy eggs there. They remind me of ‘recess’ time during Day Camps when I was working in the Education Wing. Kids loved climbing into them.

I enjoyed the Justin Favela temporary exhibit, especially this giant Taco Pizza with a slice missing.

Oh, here it is!

There were no kids at any of our celebrations this year, so the boys had to kind of entertain themselves. They were great sports, though.

Joe and I took a night to go out on a date together, and had some pretty fun places to choose from. Even though we arrived 8 minutes before Bellhop was going to close, they took meticulous care of us.

After days of basking in the sunshine on the front porch, it was a bit disheartening to come back home to frickin’ freezing temps. This was my walk home from the grocery store.

To deal with the shift in temps, a trip to the Zoo was in order. It allowed us to roam the Tropics Trail and chat with Emma and Nora at the same time.

The boys did a good job showing Nora the secret kid passageways.

She, like little Charlie, was most into the ‘fishies!’

I have a new appreciation of the wood required for beaver dens, after the destruction up at the cabin.


The snow monkeys were snacking on old Christmas trees, which was pretty great.

I think we tuckered Henry out, because when it was time to sort and fold all the laundry from the trip, he just snuggled on up.

My whole Winter Break was filled with glorious days. I loved loved loved it all, especially the times I got to connect with the people in my life.

My birthday really took the cake, though!

It was minute after minute of all my favorite stuff, and I am so grateful for Joe and the boys, and how good they are to me. After a 90 minute hot yoga session, I was all warmed up for some -7 temps while ice skating. For some reason there wasn’t anyone else at the park…

After lunch at home, we headed to the Walker Art Center.

I was specifically interested in the Julie Mehretu exhibit, and it did not disappoint.

Henry is amazing to look at art with, because he’s so observant and imaginative. He said, “There’s so much to see in art!”

In an upstairs gallery, there was a great frost buildup along the bottom of the door. Good to know I’m not the only one who gets a little lazy about weather-proofing doors.

There was a fun fort-type exhibit that we got to crawl into. I always like when there’s some interaction built in to exhibits.

Thanks to Joe for his documenting of our experience.

Here’s to 35! It’s definitely off to a happy start.

Our Winter Wonderland

I was informed this week that it has been a lot of weeks since my last blog.

“Certainly not!” I replied…but it turns out I just uploaded photos, but never actually wrote or published the post.

My apologies! It was a lot of birthday photos, so perhaps you can ask to see them at Christmas, or maybe I’ll finish it up at some point and do a retrospective. But for now, let’s talk SNOW!

After school on Friday, we kicked off our Winter Break with a 5-hour drive in the dark up Hwy 61. It was long, and ending by driving the Gunflint Trail at 9pm was a bit spooky, but it was all worth it once we arrived at Bearskin Lodge.

This was the view from our bedroom windows

We were greeted by friendly faces and a roaring fire!

The communal area of the lodge had games and puzzles galore, which Henry really dug into.

Of course, the emphasis of the weekend was cross-country skiing.

They went on many-hour runs over hill and dale…and frozen lakes. They were very proud to have made it to the Boundary Waters on their skis.

Most of the group does classic style, but Joe does both classic and skate, so he took a couple of opportunities for solo skate runs.

During one of those windows, a few of us drove into Grand Marais to explore the town and catch up with a good friend and her lovely daughter.

Henry naturally found the highest point around and climbed it. He must be part goat.

Everything around the harbor was coated in a shell of ice. It was so cool! Down by Charlie’s feet in this next shot you can see the individual blades of grass encased in it.

There were icicles to kick, but the tricky part was figuring out how to get down the icy slope without injury. Butts ended up being the preferred method.

The sun setting behind the water was simply a delight to witness

My attempt to capture the full moon behind the pine trees on the Gunflint in a moving car.

The plan was not that the boys and I would ski, but Henry wanted to, and Charlie and I sort of hemmed and hawed before agreeing to give it a try. It helped knowing Melinda was going to ski with us as well, and she’s 8 months pregnant. You can see my hesitation below as we just get our skis on. “Is this right?!”

Oh my goodness. I am SO glad I went out there. We had a rough, hilly start with lots of falls and some crying, but once we got our ski legs, it was pure joy.

Joe was very excited about our being converts!

Jeremy invited Henry and I to try out a bit of lake trekking, which was beautiful

Baby’s first ski!

When the cold sent us back to the lodge, the Hot Tub Hus was waiting for us. That was the most delightful part of the weekend for me. Here we are heading over there.

Most of the time was down time, hanging by the fire, puzzling, gaming, chatting, eating.

Here was the hang out area

The boys received some classic Game Boy games from Jake, and opened them on the drive up, so Charlie led us through the finer points of different games and consoles.

It was such a gorgeous weekend, and the company was outstanding. They all left right away Monday morning, though, so it felt easy to leave once the cabin was empty. The long drive back was not enticing, but since it was daytime, we were able to enjoy the scenery and make stops along the way. We spent a long time oogling all of the fun stuff in a friend’s store in Grand Marais, and popped through Lutsen downhill ski area to see what that looked like.

My hopes for the drive were to get in a little hike, see the Split Rock Lighthouse and experience frozen Gooseberry Falls. Check. Check Check.

The lighthouse and visitor’s center were closed for the week, but the shoreline was open

It was super satisfying to shatter the ice casings off of the boulders, and the boys got very into it. Meanwhile, Joe found a cave and played with ice photography.

It was hard to drag them away, but the next stop was nearby. Gooseberry is such a different experience in the winter! It was a little nerve-wracking with everything being so slippery, but it was all so beautiful.

Partially-frozen Waterfall from the side

It’s always a joy to adventure with these three, no matter where we go.

Birthdays 2021

Did you catch that? Birthdays 2021–

That was a whole year ago. But somehow it was lost in the ether and never posted. So before I add the newest post about the three Novak birthdays that happen during Thanksgiving week, I’m sharing what last year’s week looked like. I never did captioning, so it will just be a photo reel. I’ll post Birthdays 2022 shortly. Just need to add some words.


One month ago today was the last day at my old job. It was a glorious time of rest and walks and house projects and socialization.

And, of course, HALLOWEEN! Henry and I had a lot of fun planning out the costume construction, and I think they turned out great!

Carvers hard at work

Joe got pics of the final products, so I’ll try to add those!

Trick-or-Treating was great! Missing it last year was such a bummer, so we were happy to get back out there. We always stop in to Donna’s for a visit before we start, and she took our family photo. (I was Edna Mode, the super-suit designer from The Incredibles)

One house re-rigged up their social distance treat delivery system from last year, which was pretty fun to see in action!

We leave out a bowl of candy every year while we’re away, and it usually doesn’t get taken. This year the whole bowl was emptied! Maybe it was Henry’s wonderful sign that did it.

Henry had to endure his second quarantine session of the school year, so we had a lovely week home together. I processed our home-grown foods (apple and amaranth) next to him while he did his school work. He actually helped me discover a brilliant way of separating the seeds from the husks. Blowing lightly across them, the husks fly away and the seeds stay on the plate!

Total mess, but it was effective and efficient in a way that was a huge relief to me at that point.

One of the weekends we spent at a cabin in Wisconsin with a dozen of our closest friends. Joe’s parents’ cabin was just a few miles away, so we switched between hanging with friends and family.

It was chilly, but not so chilly that we could resist the call of kayaks

Over at the homestead, we watched some playful otters in the lake

We watched until it got dark, and then Grandma busted out some glow sticks

The next day, Jim showed us the damage from some beaver overpopulation. They built a new lodge right by where the tiny house will be, using…all the trees they could find! So we all worked together to put some wire around a bunch of trees to protect them.

And the boys maybe did a little exploring

The next weekend the boys got their first vaccine doses! There’s a clinic at the Mall of America, so it actually ended up being a really fun outing.

I super love how big my kids are getting, and enjoy them more every day. But there is just something about littles that makes me feel giddy. Luckily, we’ve got these two to watch grow.

Every week they have new things they do or say that I’ve never seen or heard them do before. It’s so cool.

And speaking of doing new things…

Today was Day Five for me at my new job. I have put a LOT of elbow grease into the room, getting it cleaned up and feeling cared for. Next steps are organizing the jumble of supplies and hanging artwork up on the walls (I didn’t do that bulletin board, but I love it, so at least something’s staying).

It was a difficult start, getting used to an entirely new school culture and knowing no one or nothing. Wednesday morning I was up in knots. But Joe and I did some processing, which helped me to shift some of my ideas and expectations. It all went better.

Then I watched my boys at gymnastics that night. They’re so willing to try, to fall, to land on their butt for the 100th time. Then they just get back up and do the next thing. It’s a good weekly reminder for me that new skills don’t come without trials and experience. You just have to do the thing over and over!

That night I went to the Chvrches concert at the Armory, basked in the music, and danced my cares away.

Refreshed and ready to fall on my butt, I headed in Thursday morning with a sense of calm. And the next two days felt pretty great! Not a bad way to end the first week of a new job.

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and you know what that means…birthday time!

Last night’s Family Dinner was a double birthday celebration: 11 & 91

We even had Ellie in town to celebrate with us.

Last night was the Beaver Moon. “Heeeeeey, Moon!”

Trust Fall

MEA weekend is a wonderful long weekend that Minnesotans in the education world look forward to. This year, it also marked the end of my job. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive, and was so looking forward to a long weekend with nothing on my mind.

And then I woke up.

The very next morning, I had a job offer in my inbox. Which, don’t get me wrong, is great…but I was really hoping to have some days where I didn’t have to think about a job and weigh pros and cons.

Hiking is, however, a great activity to do while thinking serious thoughts.

And Joe finds the best spots.

Hello up there! Henry and I were going at a little slower pace, talking about engines, so it was fun when we got to switchbacks and could see Joe and Charlie up above us.

We liked the stone steps, too

Up at the top!

An old shelter house built by CCC workers back in the day.

We had lunch in Lacrosse at a favorite spot of ours, and then headed to our lodging for the night in La Farge, Wisconsin.

It’s a cool old farm! Here’s the house

The farm cats were very friendly and curious. They leaped into any open door they saw, even if it was a trunk.

Or a car.

Why, they even leaped on top of Joe’s shoulders!

The farm animals were fun to observe

I was a pretty big fan of the donkey

There were even sheep!

There were trails and nooks and crannies all over the property, and it was so fun to explore. Henry and I found a good sittin’ spot.

Joe and Henry did some swing time

while Charlie and I took a hike up the hill to a fantastic viewing platform

Panorama capture of the view:


The next morning, I headed up the hill to do some sunrise yoga, and Henry snuggled up on the couch to read one of his finds from the bookstore in Viroqua the day before.

It was COLD, but very beautiful with the frost everywhere.

A dog friend came and joined me.

Back at the house, the cats were scrambling for breakfast.

A loaf of fresh-baked muffins, bread, and fresh eggs were brought over from the main house. Truly a delight. We’d been instructed to give leftovers to the animals, so that was a great diversion for us! One of the goats had gotten out of the pen, and he kept trying to climb on top of Joe.

For a mid-morning warm-up, we hit Wonder State Coffee on our way back through Viroqua.

Our next destination was Des Moines, but we went by way of Yellow River State Forest.

I was verrry uncomfortable with the narrow dirt road up the hill. Our car isn’t exactly built for…terrain. But the trees were an amazing yellow, and it was great to stretch our legs for awhile.

The reason for our visit was to celebrate Julia’s marriage!

On a cold weekend, the sun really came out for the event

While it was a very short visit, it was definitely a sweet one!

Details are still getting worked out on the job front, but I did end up accepting the position. So, as long as bureaucracy all works itself out accordingly, I expect to be teaching at a school in Uptown very soon. In the meantime, I’m trying to take it easy and enjoy some slow, uneventful days!


A few weekends ago, Joe was up at the cabin with the car. Getting everywhere car-less was my favorite part about the weekend! We took bus rides, long walks and scootered along the creek. Our first destination was TRUCKSPLORATION. It’s one of our favorite annual events that was cancelled last year. Felt good to be back, checking out all the community helper vehicles.

In the Viking’s Table truck that provided a tasty lunch for us.

Gotta love a walk home that takes you by Lake Harriet.

The next day, after a glorious scooter/walk to church, Sarah drove us all out to an apple orchard.

None of us actually wanted/needed apples (our apple tree fruited this year, so we’ve got oodles), but I pushed hard for the corn maze, and we all wanted to hit up the pumpkin patch.

The boys leading the way

Charlie made an excellent choice

Sarah did NOT understand why the pumpkins were neatly cut from the vines.

Ahhhh! Family dinner. Charlie looks forward to seeing his cousins all week.

The next weekend, a local ski hill opened up their chairlifts for rides to view the fall foliage. It’s still pretty green here, but it was a total win of an event. It was fun to get the views, and at the top of the hill there were bonfires, food, and live music.

Afterward, we hit up a big ol’ potluck with friends

Testing out Gigi’s new bike

I also tried a beginner aerial yoga class that was…incredible! I’m super excited to do more.

So all that good weekend outdoor time with wonderful people has been what powers me. Work was just feeling worse and worse. Seeing their art all up when we did critiques was inspiring and happifying. Here are some particularly fun ones

But still…it wasn’t enough. I hated the way I felt in the class space most of the time, and I spent hours awake in the middle of the night stressing (and trying not to stress, but then stressing that I couldn’t stop stressing…you all know what I mean). Diving into a particularly difficult age group–that I have no experience with–during a pandemic last year was obviously challenging. But having 40 of them, who are post-pandemic stressed and have forgotten how to exist at school together, in a collaborative classroom with art supplies…well, I just don’t have the classroom management experience for that. One day.

Two weeks ago, I decided to put in my notice. Today was my last day in that classroom. As I have been packing up the things from the room that are mine, I took a closer look at one of the collages I made in grad school and have displayed. It’s a really big collage, but I liked this particular area. Felt fitting for me right now.

I’m thrilled to be done, and to have nothing definite on the horizon. Getting to see the boys tackle their own new challenges, like riding a two-wheeler and learning cello are making me feel so happy.

It’s also a good reminder that skills take time. While sometimes we have to frantically doggy paddle when life dunks us into the ocean, swimming can be way less stressful and be handled more gracefully if we master basic strokes first. I’m incredibly lucky that I am able to opt out of the deep water that I’ve found myself in, and figure out where my shallow end is to build up my skills and strength.


I think most of you who follow this blog know that I’m not exactly loving the experience of teaching middle school. With class sizes around 40, I’m feeling that first-year-teacher inexperienced feeling pretty strongly. It can be scary, exhausting, overwhelming, annoying, frustrating, etc.

Then, the other day, a student showed me a drawing. I had been teaching them about one-point perspective, and their assignment was to practice their newfound perspective skills to draw a room that they would love to be in.

She drew my classroom.


Still, the daily grind is a lot. So, I’ve been really trying to take full advantage of the weekends. A few weeks ago, my neighbor asked if I’d like to learn how to can tomatoes. “Of course!” I said, thinking it was more of a hypothetical question. But 91 year olds don’t ask that many hypothetical questions. She promptly instructed me which farmer’s market to visit, what time to get there, and how many tomatoes to buy. “What time will you be over tomorrow morning?” she asked.

So I woke up early that Saturday to buy a half-bushel of tomatoes, and grabbed a crepe for breakfast while I was there.

Then we headed over to do some canning while Joe played his weekly game of tennis.

Donna showed the boys how to skin, but Henry preferred washing and salting the tomatoes and cleaning the rims of the jars.

Charlie was an expert skinner and jar stuffer

It’s fun to do things with experts.

We played Taboo while we waited for the cooking and sealing to take place

We ended up with 14 jars…21 pints in total volume

That afternoon we celebrated Lukie’s second birthday!

The kids are all getting so big

Sunday we hit a Van Gogh exhibit. Some of his works were digitized and then turned into an animated film that was projected onto walls and floors of a gallery space.

I liked some parts better than others, but the music was great and it was fun being covered in colors

I also hit a friend’s performance at Aster Cafe. It’s so great to experience live music again

The next weekend, my parents came up for a visit!

The weather was PERFECT, so we went on lots of walks.

We actually hadn’t been to our park in quite awhile, so that was a good spot to stop and do some sand adventuring.

You might have noticed Joe’s not in any of these photos as well. He was up at his parents’ cabin building the floor of our future Tiny Home.

Men At Work

This weekend, he’s got the car up at the cabin again, so we’re currently exploring via bus and scooter. Today, we hit up Trucksploration, one of our favorite annual events.

We hit ’em all. The Sheriff’s Mobile Control Center was their favorite this year.

In the Vikings Table coach bus/food truck

We walked over half-way home, since it was a nice route along Lake Harriet, before catching the bus again.

Then we had an apple-picking session in our front yard.

Harvesting can be so rewarding! Here’s my amaranth.

Tomorrow we’ll be hitting up an orchard & corn maze with friends. I just love fall.